Image Reconstruction in Diffuse Optical Tomography
multilayered forward solution

Head mesh with internal surfaces


10 February 2017. Toast++ Release 2.0.2 has been published. New in this version:

  • Python bindings are now working again. The python interface has been updated to group functions into classes similar to the Matlab interface. Examples have been updated accordingly.
  • Projector functions for projecting images to/from mesh surfaces can now be used without Mesa support, at some performance cost. Projector functions now also work in OS X.
  • Element integrals involving mixed derivatives u_i/x_j of shape functions are now exposed to the Matlab interface. Some missing integrals for specific element types have been added.

1 June 2016. Toast++ Release 2.0.0 has been published. New in this version:

  • Cleanup of Matlab interface. Some missing functions have been added to the new version of the Matlab interface, including support for the surface projection methods required by some of the fluorescence tomography examples.
  • Support for the old Matlab interface. If you require the old interface, e.g. for legacy scripts, please use version 1.0.4. Both versions can be installed side-by-side if required.
  • Updated the Toast-Matlab help files for the new interface.
  • Binary distributions are now by default compiled with multithreading support and with static Mesa-3D library support for hardware-accelerated projector routines.
  • Support for 32-bit versions has been dropped.

30 October 2015. Toast++ Release 1.0.4 has been published. This version uses the latest SuperLU-5.0 version for the default LU solver. SuperLU fixes threadsafety problems that previously caused Toast to crash in Windows when thread support was enabled.

This version also adds support for the Gmsh mesh creation tool. Meshes in Gmsh format can be read directly by Toast now. Some examples have been added to demonstrate this.

2 April 2014. The Toast sources have now been publicly released under a GPL license. Head over to the Download page and check out a copy from the Sourceforge SVN repository. To mark the move to an open-source project, Toast has now been renamed to Toast++.

14 May 2012. The TOAST webpage now contains a list of online tutorials to introduce various concepts of the forward and inverse problem in optical tomography step by step. The range of tutorials will be extended further in the future, so keep this site bookmarked. To recreate the tutorials yourself, you need Matlab and the TOAST Toolbox, but you can also simply read through the tutorials. The current list can be accessed here.

20 December 2011. A set of new TOAST packages has been released. This includes various bugfixes and feature additions, including an SMP version for fast computation of the built-in iterative linear solvers on multi-core computers. A CUDA-accelerated version is to follow soon.

12 October 2009. A new TOAST version has been uploaded. This includes various bug fixes, more command line tools, and a range of new commands in the Matlab toolbox interface. Get the new version from the Download page.

14 March 2008. A major TOAST update has been released. More emphasis has been given to the Matlab integration of TOAST, which is now shipping as a Matlab toolbox. Included are help files, demos and a graphical interface for reconstruction parameter selection. The toolbox is available both for Linux and Windows. Work on the toolbox is ongoing, and additional updates will be released in the near future.