Image Reconstruction in Diffuse Optical Tomography
Toast library components

Some of the demos bundled with the Matlab toolbox

What is the Toast++ Matlab toolbox?

The Toast++ toolbox is a Matlab interface to the functions in the Toast libraries. It consists of

  • MEX files which provide Matlab functions that link directly to Toast library functions.
  • M files that provide additional high-level functionality making use of Matlab numerics and visualisation routines.
  • Application scripts which contain complete examples of forward and inverse solvers for optical tomography reconstruction problems.
  • Help files, examples and demos.

Matlab provides a development environment that allows rapid prototyping and is better suited for development, debugging and visualisation than the native Toast C++ code.

There are two interfaces for the toolbox provided with Toast++:

  • The current interface makes use of Matlab class constructs for objects such as meshes and basis mappers. Most of the Toast functionality is available via class methods.
  • A legacy interface is retained for backward compatibility with existing Toast scripts. It exposes the Toast functionality via top-level functions.