Image Reconstruction in Diffuse Optical Tomography



Installation problems

Q1: What version of Matlab do I need to run the TOAST toolbox?

A1:The TOAST toolbox has been tested for compatibility with the following Matlab versions:

Windows 32-bitRequires Matlab 2006b or later.
Linux 32-bitTested with Matlab 2006a. Later versions should work, earlier versions may not work.
Linux 64-bitTested with Matlab 2007b. Later versions should work, earlier versions may not work.
The compiled mex files are generally designed to run with the Matlab version they have been linked against. Using later Matlab versions usually works, but compatibility with earlier versions is not guaranteed. To a lesser extent, m-file script are also version-dependent, because they may use functions not present in earlier Matlab versions.

Q2: When I run mtoast_install and try to save the search path, Matlab generates an error and asks whether I want to write the path elsewhere.

A2: You don't have permissions to overwrite the default Matlab search path file. You have the following options:

  • Run Matlab with the required privileges before invoking mtoast_install.
  • Save the path into your local Matlab "startup" directory. This will only work if you always start Matlab from this directory.
  • Save the path file somewhere else. You will manually have to run the "pathdef.m" file containing the toast search path at the beginning of each Matlab session.

Q3: When I try to run one of the TOAST demos or scripts, I get the error message

??? Error using ==> toastReadMesh
Too many input arguments

A3:The two most likely reasons for this problem are:

  • The TOAST toolbox is incompatible with your Matlab version, and Matlab doesn't recognise the mex files. Refer to Q1 for compatibility requirements.
  • The Matlab search paths for the TOAST mex and script directories are not set correctly. Make sure that the mex file path (<...>/mex) is listed as the first entry of the TOAST directory list when you type 'path' in Matlab.

    Running the mtoast_install script will ensure the correct order of search paths.