Image Reconstruction in Diffuse Optical Tomography
multilayered forward solution

Head mesh with internal surfaces

Toast++ documentation

For compiling and installing Toast++, please refer to the INSTALL file in your checked-out Toast++ sources.

The online version of the Toast++ Source Reference Manual for the C++ core libraries. This document is also available under the 'doc' folder of the Toast++ installation, and can be rebuilt from sources with 'make doc'.

For online help of the Matlab-Toast++ toolbox interface type "help toast" or "doc toast" at the Matlab prompt.

To see a list of simple Toast++ Matlab demos, type "demo toolbox toast" at the Matlab prompt.

There is a list of Matlab tutorials for demonstrating different aspects of Toast++.

Python tutorials are available as well.

Common questions are answered in the FAQ.

A list of Toast-related references provides extensive background information on the principles of DOT.