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Downloading TOAST

You will need to download two packages to install the TOAST Matlab toolbox:
  • The Common package which contains the platform-independent Matlab scripts, help and data files,
  • The appropriate system-dependent package which contains the compiled command line executables and mex files for your computer platform.
    • SMP versions support multi-threaded parallel versions of iterative linear solvers (CG, BiCGSTAB, GMRES) for shared memory architectures
Please note that these files are hosted on an ftp server. If you having problems downloading the packages, please check that your internet security and firewall settings allow ftp access.
PackageTime stampSize [byte]
Linux 32-bit11-12-2013,293,217
Linux 32-bit (SMP version)11-12-2013,416,768
Linux 64-bit11-12-2014,818,199
Linux 64-bit (SMP version)11-12-2014,938,424
Windows 32-bit10-07-168,195,663
Windows 64-bit10-06-102,499,726
Mac OS X v10.609-12-146,977,033
Mac OS 64-bit13-05-027,030,803

Note: Only the Linux versions have been updated to the latest version yet. Windows and Mac OS to follow shortly.

System requirements

Linux (32 and 64-bit):

Toast has been compiled with gcc-4.3.4 (32-bit) and gcc-4.3.2 (64-bit). It requires the following run-time libraries installed on the system:
  • (SMP version only)

Windows (32 and 64-bit):

Toast has been compiled with Visual Studio 2005. It requires the latest VS2005 runtime libraries installed on the system.


For a list of changes from previous versions, see the Change log.

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