Computational Photography and Capture, Spring 2011


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Practicals will be Tuesdays in room MPEB 1.05/1.21. Most weeks the lab is 4–6pm, but will be 5–7pm on 18th Jan., 1st Feb., and 8th March only.

Labs 1: Creation of a Pan & Scan video from an image
Labs 2: Camera Calibration and Pose Reconstruction
Labs 3: High Dynamic Range
Labs 4: Restoration of old films (assessed!)
Labs 5: Nuke (Part 1)
Labs 6: Nuke (Part 2)
Labs 7: Video Textures
Labs 8: Controllable Heliotrope Video (assessed!)
Labs 9: Work on the coursework.
Labs 10: Normal Estimation from a Reflectance Field