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Industry Internship Projects

Projects in industry can be extremely rewarding and also a chance to showcase your skills to a future employer.

All financial and legal arrangements are made between the student and the company directly, with no involvement from UCL.

Summer 2012

None currently available.

Summer 2011

Python Programmer

Part-time or full time summer position available (potentially extensible through the 2011-12 academic year) with a UCL research group developing, a data manager and visualiser for network models (water, energy, transport, etc.).

Skills: Python - experience or interest in the language is essential databases (for now sqllite) - valuable

Information found at:; you can get to the trac website by clicking on 'screenshots'. Opportunities in the future may open up though our involvement in and and joint research with Emmanuel Letier (UCL C.S.).

Please contact Julien Harou asap at

CW project

Positions are within the IT business support department, reporting to team leader in project team. Candidates will be compensated in GBP and will receive a valuable ‘CV’ reference from a firms with global recognition.

Every year ( over last 5 years) a substantial number of these project interns receive P/T or F/T offers from firm they intern with.

At its heart, CW is producing risk models. These models take the form of databases containing all sorts of risk information for various combinations of assets, indexes, asset classes, etc.

There is a common set of models which are produced and then a customization process occurs before sending the models to our various clients.

Some models use daily data, some weekly. Some models are produced daily, some weekly and some monthly.

  • Java – essential
  • A positive interest in object orientation
  • SQL – useful but not essential
  • Relational Modeling – useful but not essential
  • Familiarity with iterative, incremental and evolutionary software development techniques (Agile Methods, for example) – useful but not essential, however candidates should be aware that the methods used (and strongly encouraged) in the team are very much based around these notions. In particular:
  • Test Driven Development
  • Evolutionary Design
  • Refactoring
  • Pair Programming
  • Testing automation
  • Continuous integration
  • Collective code ownership
  • Intensive team working
  • Communication, communication, communication.

If you are qualified & interested, please send your CV with a letter of motivation by email with SUBJECT BOX CW project, candidate, to Donald Lawrence

LW project

Positions are within the IT business support department, reporting to team leader in project team. Candidates will be compensated in GBP and will receive a valuable ‘CV’ reference from a firms with global recognition.

Every year ( over last 5 years) a substantial number of these project interns receive P/T or F/T offers from firm they intern with.

Ideally the candidates would have experience in Objective C, Cocoa and XCode (the Apple iPad development environment). This is rarely found outside the Apple Mac and iPad development community.

Candidates with C or C++ will find the learning curve very shallow (roughly two weeks to get up to speed); candidates with Java or Smalltalk will find it around three weeks as some understanding of C pointers is necessary. We would urge the team where possible to try to acquire as much of this familiarity as possible before the start of the project on site – Apple has extensive introductory developer documentation available online, and versions of Objective C (e.g. GNUStep) are freely available for most flavors of the Linux operating system

The project also requires project management skills, though the model within the group is that project management is not usually a discipline on its own, and all project managers have very extensive technical or interest rates financial products experience.

If you are qualified & interested, please send your CV with a letter of motivation by email with SUBJECT BOX LW project candidate, to Donald Lawrence


mydeco's technology Internship is an excellent opportunity to work with cutting-edge 3D visualisation on a high-traffic website. These placements are a great way for someone interested in technology to gain their first experience of working in a technology team . You'll gain practical experience in the creation of 3D scenes and other visualisation tools. The ideal candidate will be passionate about 3D graphics programming and will have created demo's of their own already.

Your work experience would cover:

Assisting the team in devising and executing on mydeco’s and its partners’ strategy into 3D visualisation ; Representing mydeco in online 3D visualisation ; Investigating and reporting on new and upcoming 3D visualisation tools and techniques ; Working with the infrastructure to support the visualisation tools ;

Relevant degrees or areas of interest would include: Doing/done CS degree, as part of pure science degree, or self taught ;

Interested in programming having pursued your own projects to demonstrable state ;

Some understanding of how web sites are put together

Ability to independently research and learn ;

If you are highly computer literate, methodical, a great communicator and have a good knowledge of the web from a user point of view then you will fit right in! So if you wish to gain experience in online and 3D graphics and you are a creative self starter then please apply to us today by sending your CV and some work examples to

Kate de Beer (MCIPD) HR manager

mydeco, 11th Floor, Newcombe House, 45 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LQ

Mob: +44 (0) 7825 798 893 Fax: +44 (0) 207 792 4162

Summer 2010

Cisco More Together Prize

''Seven countries in Cisco’s European network are offering eligible computing and technology students the chance to win a fully paid summer internship with Cisco’s innovation consulting engineering teams. With this programme we aim to build a pipeline of diverse candidates by encouraging them to consider Cisco as a future employer and also to remain within the technical field in which they are studying. This student award will be open to current (undergraduate) students from Computer Science, Networking & Electronic Engineering faculties across Europe. We will be offering this award across the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Italy & Norway.

For the students to win the award, they will need to answer a short series of written technical questions along with providing their motivations and reasons, via a video message, why they would like to win the Cisco “MoreTogether” Prize.

I have attached the file with the information about the prize but students can also find information at''

Summer 2009

UCL Summer Internship Partners

For UCL Summer Internship Partners we pass on the CVs of our most able students. UCL has a specific agreement with these companies which augments their standard public procedures.

To apply for an internship with one of these companies, please send your CV to with a motivational cover letter. Please be sure to include any previous UCL exam scores so that we can assess your academic merit as well.

The most academically qualified applicants will then be passed on to the company who will contact successful applicants in due course.

By passing on our most talented students we hope to build a long term relationship with these companies for the benefit of existing and future students.

Bloomberg Deadline 12 March (up to 3 positions)

Companies with known interest in UCL applicants

We have been contacted by the following companies looking for intern students. Please contact the company directly.


See Lokku for details.

Picus Capital Management LLP, Mayfair

Contact: Sara Feenan: head of operations: 0207 667 6599:

Company background: We are currently in the process of opening 2 new Fixed Income bond funds with the possibility for further expansion in the near future. The fund is managed by two incredibly experienced partners who have a wide breadth of knowledge and have built up a fantastic contact base over their careers. The project will be working closely with Sara Feenan, head of operations.

The primary job offered is to create a bespoke database to allow the fund(s) to input and monitor securities and create a bespoke reporting system from the data. From this point we can work together to take the project further by incorporating modeling/automatic data capture (using Bloomberg)/some accounting functionality. User-friendliness is an obvious factor in any system design and will be crucial for this project to be a success. There is a very open atmosphere at the fund so it will be highly likely that work will not solely involve the creation of a database and there will be ample opportunity for a successful candidate to ask questions and learn during their time with us.

Candidate profile: Must have excellent SQL skills with previous project experience. Aside from the obvious high record of achievement in Academia, an analytical way of thinking centered on efficiency is preferable. It is imperative for the successful candidates to gain an understanding of the procedures we use and the reasons behind them, and so an interest in investment management would be preferred. Organizational skills and being able to work to time constraints and pressure are a given and it is vital for any candidate to be able to critique and develop ideas and to deliver an explanation in a succinct way.

Please send an email to with a CV and covering letter attached.

Deadline 29th May, start date 8th - 15th June (or as soon as possible)

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