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There are two main routes to funding, the CS department bursary, and the BEAMS School bursary. The CS department decision will be made first. Any unsuccessful CS departmental applications may be sent by the applicant to BEAMS.

Departmental Bursaries

For projects which require a full (or partial) departmental bursary, supervisors may submit a CS bursary application to before 9th March 2012.

A student internship supports between 8 and 10 weeks of work, covering a subsistence `expense' of £220/week. The department has generously agreed to fund two bursaries this year.

A one-page application should be made by the supervisor on behalf of the student and sent to This should:

  • Outline the project, giving a justification for the work being undertaken by the student.
  • Provide a summary of how the student will benefit from the project with regard to their career objectives.
  • Contain a summary of the student's academic performance in previous years.

Only a single bursary application on behalf of a student should be made. This requires each supervisor to choose the most suitable student for that project. This also means that each student needs to decide which is the most suitable project (in agreement with the supervisor).

Funding decisions are made on the basis of the projectís value to the student, and the studentís past exam performance. The highest ranked applications will be supported, subject to the availability of funds. Supervisors will be notified on Monday 12th March 2012.

Internships are available to current undergraduate students who will normally be entering the third or final year of their degree programme at the end of the summer. We may also consider other students as well, if funding is available.

To avoid the issue that paid work could be construed as a form of employment relationship between UCL and the intern, the interns are funded on the basis of a reimbursement of expenses.

BEAMS Vacation Bursaries

For staff that were not successful in the CS bursary programme, they may wish to apply to the School. These BEAMS bursaries are administered by UCL on behalf of the EPSRC. The eligibility criteria for students is given in the application procedure.

In a nutshell, the students cannot be in their first year, and must have been Ďordinarily residentí in the UK for 3 years.

Members of staff should apply directly via the website before March 31st 2012.

Nuffield Foundation-Royal Academy of Engineering

The Nuffield Foundation runs a similar scheme that students can apply to. See Nuffield. Deadline is April 27, 2012.

Research Group Bursaries

For projects wholly funded by the research group associated to the project, the student should contact the named researcher directly. In these cases, the research group should still arrange with the department to ensure office space and building access.

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