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General Utilities

Java: You'll need this to run Camino. Available for multiple formats. You need the java SDK, not the JRE.
bzip2: Data compressor, available for multiple formats. A Windows-based version is also available here.
tar: GNU tar homepage.
Cygwin: A UNIX-like shell environment for windows that will allow the use of pipes and redirection making Camino as flexible as possible
TortoiseSVN: A Subversion client, implemented as a windows shell extension. You can use it to download the latest revision of Camino.


Geomview: Unix-based 3D viewing program.
Paraview: VTK-based visualization software.
CAMINO-TRACKVIS: Tool for importing Camino streamlines into the TrackVis program.
Connectome Viewer: Software application for the visualization and analysis of structural neuroimaging data. Reads TrackVis fibre format.

Medical imaging software

MRIcro: Now deprecated but still handy medical image viewer which can display Analyze [SPM], DICOM, Elscint, Genesis, Magnetom, Somatom, VFF and NEMA format images. Available for Windows, Linux and Solaris.
MRIcron: Updated version of MRIcro, includes the dcm2nii tool for converting DICOM data to NIfTI format.

ITK SNAP: Image viewer and segmentation tool, which allows manual and semi-automated definition of regions of interest. Reads and writes several formats, including NIfTI. Useful for defining multi-label ROIs for Camino tractography. SNAP can also load RGB images like those produced by rgbscalarimg.
Convert3D: A command line image manipulation tool from Paul Yushkevich, the author of ITK SNAP. The c3d tool offers a reverse-polish stack calculator environment for 3D image operations.

Advanced Normalization Tools: ANTS is an open-source toolkit for multiple brain mapping tasks.

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