Research Team

December 13th, 2016

My research team in UCL:

Former PhD Students

  • Marc Sloan (2011-2015), CEO, Context Scout
  • Weinan Zhang (2012-2016), Tenure track Assistant Professor, Shanghai JiaoTong University
  • Xiaoxue Zhao (2011-2015), Data Scientist, Quancast
  • Tamas Jambor (2009-2012), Data Science Tech Lead at Channel 4
  • Jagadeesh Gorla (2009-2012), Founder and CEO at
  • Shuai Yuan (2010-2015), Lead Data Scientist, MediaGamma
  • Bowei Chen (2011-2014), Lecturer, University of Lincoln

Former Research Fellow

  • Dr. Kleanthis Malialis
  • Dr. Jianhan Zhu

Former MSc Students

  • Bingsheng Zhang (Research Assistant): PANDA open-source information retrieval platform
  • Mofei Han (MSc Thesis): Collaborative filtering and recommendation
  • Yi-Ming Lu (MSc Thesis): Web search click-through data analysis
  • Zhiming LIN (MSc Thesis): Movie Revenue Prediction
  • Sandeep C Nuckchady (MSc Thesis): EigenAttacker: A New Attack on Collaborative filtering
  • T. L. (MSc Thesis): Defence against Profile Injection Attacks on Collaborative Filtering
  • Maria Francesca Faraone, visiting PhD student from Politecnico di Bari
  • Alejandro Bellogin Kouki, visiting PhD student from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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