Prospective Students


I am regularly seeking outstanding PhD students to join our research team. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Home Studentships:

We have a few PhD scholarships available. It will cover tuition fees at UK/EU rate and stipend. EU candidates who have lived in the UK for minimum three years will be eligible. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact me as soon as possible.

The topics include but not limited to:

  • Information retrieval, recommender systems and data mining
  • Financial computing and modelling
  • Economic models for online information access

Financial models are advanced in modelling risk. In Information Retrieval research, we have identified the analogy between Web search markets and Stock Markets,  having developed  novel methods to handle retrieval risk and search result diversification. For more information, check out our recent studies. But this is just a start…

  • Financial data mining

Online materials: Data mining, Teaching Financial Data MiningData Mining for Financial Applications.

  • Adversarial information retrieval

A sample  PhD Project: Recommender systems aim at identifying information items (movies, music, books, news, web pages, etc.) that are likely of interest to a given user. As one of the common techniques, collaborative filtering makes recommendation on the basis of like-minded people. Popular systems include those offered by Amazon, Netflix, LastFM, etc. Although collaborative filtering is an effective way to alleviate information overload, it may be vulnerable to recommendation attacks since it solely relies on the item ratings from users.  Attackers, who intend to have their products (items) recommended more often, introduce biased ratings (preferences) to influence recommendation predictions. We intend to explore various attack methods, and particularly study the effectiveness of these attacks towards different collaborative filtering algorithms.

Overseas Studentships:

Useful information about overseas scholarships can be found here.

For Chinese students who intend to apply or already have scholarships from the China Scholarships Council (CSC), please  contact me directly.

Formal Admission Procedures:

  • If you wish to apply for any studentship available and intend to work with us, please use the link

Make sure you specify PhD: “Information Retrieval, Computer Science” on the part of the form that asks what you are applying for. Please ensure you mark the department as “Computer Science” in your application and the name of the supervisor as Dr. Jun Wang.

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