1. TFWC

  2. TFWC (TCP-Friendly Window-based Congestion Control) is a transport layer congestion control protocol for real-time multimedia streaming applications. TFWC works just like normal TCP (and its variants) but it can generate much smoother throughput in a wide range of network environments.

  3. AVATS

  4. AVATS (AccessGrid Video and Audio Tools Support) proposes support for enhanced stability and longevity of VIC and RAT, the media tools that underpin Access Grid (AG) and Portal Access Grid (PAG).

    Wiki: Vic with congestion control

  5. GSoC 2008

  6. TFWC has been accepted for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2008 under OMII-UK‘s AVATS project.

    Accepted proposals for the projects run by OMII-UK can be found at here, and my proposal can be downloaded at here (PDF).

    Source code: snapshot version (work done by 08/15/2008)

  7. Other Projects