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The summer internships are a chance for UCL CS students to engage in research activity within the CS department or experience a commercial environment in industry. Please note that these internships are only available to UCL CS students.

Please revisit these pages periodically since they are updated as new projects become available or are taken.

If you have any questions, please contact David Barber

CS Department Internships

These internships are carried out within a research group in Computer Science (or jointly with another department).

The internships support research activity within UCL Computer Science and enable the student to engage in research level work. Students will be given desk space in the department to allow interaction with research students and associates.

See currently advertised projects and funding opportunities.

Industry Internships

We have a relationship with several companies to whom we pass on the CVs of our most able students.

In addition we also list companies that have contacted us, asking us to advertise the availability of internships at their company.

In both cases, the projects take place at the company and the financial and legal arrangements are made directly between the company and the student.

Other Academic Internships

We also advertise any other academic internships we're aware of.

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