29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering® 20 - 26 May 2007

Experience Reports


Frank Maurer University of Calgary, Canada,
Michael Hirsch, Zuehlke Engineering AG, Switzerland,
Agile Methods and Software Design
Session Chairs: Frank Maurer, Michael Hirsch Time: Wednesday May 23 @ 11:00AM Venue: Hennepin/Carver
An Empirical Study of the Evolution of an Agile-Developed Software System
Andrea Capiluppi, Juan Fernandez-Ramil, Julian Higman, Helen C Sharp, Neil Smith
Agility and Experimentation: Practical Techniques for Resolving Architectural Tradeoffs
T.C. Nicholas Graham, Rick Kazman, Chris Walmsley
Usability Implications of Requiring Parameters in Objects' Constructors
Jeffrey Stylos, Steven Clarke

Performance and Metrics
Session Chairs: Jürgen Münch, John Grundy Time: Wednesday May 23 @ 02:30PM Venue: Hennepin/Carver
Performance Evaluation and Prediction for Legacy Information Systems
Yan Jin, Antony Tang, Jun Han and Yan Liu
Software Development Environments for Scientific and Engineering Software: A Series of Case Studies
Jeffrey C. Carver, Richard P. Kendall, Susan E. Squires, Douglass E. Post
Company-Wide Implementation of Metrics for Early Software Fault Detection
Lars-Ola Damm, Lars Lundberg

Session Chairs: Mikio Aoyama, Michael Hirsch Time: Wednesday May 23 @ 04:30PM Venue: Hennepin/Carver
Applying Template Meta-programming Techniques for a Domain Specific Visual Language - An Industrial Experience Report
Mika Karaila, Tarja Systä
Model-Based Security Engineering of Distributed Information Systems Using UMLsec
Bastian Best, Jan Jürjens, Bashar Nuseibeh
Reconceptualizing a Family of Heterogeneous Embedded Systems via Explicit Architectural Support
Sam Malek, Chiyoung Seo, Sharmila Ravula, Brad Petrus, Nenad Medvidovic

Session Chairs: Hakan Erdogmus, Jürgen Münch Time: Thursday May 24 @ 11:00AM Venue: Hennepin/Carver
'Good' Organisational Reasons for 'Bad' Software Testing: An Ethnographic Study of Testing in a Small Software Company
David Martin, John Rooksby, Mark Rouncefield, Ian Sommerville
Enhancing Software Testing by Judicious Use of Code Coverage Information
Stefan Berner, Roland Weber, Rudolf K. Keller
Randomized Differential Testing as a Prelude to Formal Verification
Alex Groce, Gerard Holzmann, Rajeev Joshi

Software Development Processes
Session Chairs: Michael Hirsch, Frank Maurer Time: Thursday May 24 @ 02:00PM Venue: Hennepin/Carver
Can Requirements be Creative? Experiences with an Enhanced Air Space Management System
Neil Maiden, Cornelius Ncube, Suzanne Robertson
Applying ISO 9001:2000, MPS.BR and CMMI to Achieve Software Process Maturity: BL Informatica's Pathway
Analia Irigoyen Ferreiro Ferreira, Gleison Santos, Roberta Cerqueira, Mariano Montoni, Ahilton Barreto, Andrea O. Soares Barreto, Ana Regina da Rocha
Maturity Status within Front-End Support Organisations
Mira Kajko-Mattsson