29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering® 20 - 26 May 2007

Research Papers


Wolfgang Emmerich, University College London, UK,
Gregg Rothermel, University of Nebraska at Lincoln,

Wednesday May 23


Program Analysis I
Salon F
Session Chair:
Atanas Rountev

Salon E
Session Chair:
Tetsuo Tamai


Parallel Randomized State-space Search
M. Dwyer, S. Elbaum, S. Person, R. Purandare

Behaviour Model Synthesis from Properties and Scenarios
S. Uchitel, G. Brunet, M. Chechik

Sequential Circuits for Relational Analysis
F. Zaraket, A. Aziz, S. Khurshid

Feature Oriented Model Driven Development: A Case Study for Portlets
S. Trujillo, D. Batory, O. Diaz

A Sound Assertion Semantics for the Dependable Systems Evolution Verifying Compiler
P. Chalin

Matching and Merging of Statecharts Specifications
S. Nejati, M. Sabetzadeh, M. Chechik, S. Easterbrook, P. Zave


Testing I
Room: Salon F

Session Chair: Giovanni Denaro

Clone Detection and Removal
Room: Salon E
Session Chair:
Harald Gall

  Regression Test Selection for AspectJ Software
G. Xu, A. Rountev
DECKARD: Scalable and Accurate Tree-based Detection of Code Clones
L. Jiang, G. Misherghi, Z. Su, S. Glondu
Feedback-directed Random Test Generation
C. Pacheco, S. Lahiri, M. Ernst, T. Ball
Very-Large Scale Code Clone Analysis and Visualization of Open Source Programs Using Distributed CCFinder: D-CCFinder
S. Livieri, Y. Higo, M. Matushita, K. Inoue
Compatibility and Regression Testing of COTS Component-based Software
L. Mariani, S. Papagiannakis, M. Pezzè
Using Server Pages to Unify Clones in Web Applications: A Trade-off Analysis
D. Rajapakse, S. Jarzabek
04:30PM Aspect Oriented Software Engineering
Room: Salon F
Session Chair:
Harold Ossher
Room: Salon E
Session Chair:
Walter Tichy
  Automated Inference of Pointcuts in Aspect-Oriented Refactoring
P. Anbalagan, T. Xie
Tracking Code Clones in Evolving Software
E. Duala-Ekoko, M. Robillard
A Formal Framework for Automated Round-trip Software Engineering in Static Aspect Weaving and Transformations
M. Chalabine, C. Kessler
Do Maintainers Utilize Deployed Design Patterns Effectively?
T. Ng, S. Cheung, W. Chan and Y. Yu
Identifying Feature Interactions in Multi-Language Aspect-Oriented Frameworks
S. Kojarski, D. Lorenz
OPIUM: Optimal Package Install/Uninstall Manager
C. Tucker, D. Shuffelton, R. Jhala, S. Lerner

Thursday May 24


Software Architecture
Salon F
Session Chair:
S.C. Cheung

Program Analysis II
Salon E
Session Chair:
Jo Atlee


Modeling Product Line Architectures through Change Sets and Relationships
S. Hendrickson, A. van der Hoek

Adaptive Online Program Analysis
M. Dwyer, A. Kineer, S. Elbaum

On Accurate Automatic Verification of Publish-Subscribe Architectures
L. Baresi, C. Ghezzi, L. Mottola

Exception Chain Analysis: Revealing Exception Handling Architecture in Java Server Applications
C. Fu, B. Ryder

Supporting Heterogeneous Architecture Descriptions in an Extensible Toolset
M. Leclercq, A. Erdem Özcan, V. Quéma, J.-B. Stefani

Path-Sensitive Inference of Function Precedence Protocols
M. Ramanathan, A. Grama, S. Jagannathan


Debugging and Fault Correction
Room: Salon F
Session Chair:
Margaret Burnett

Design I
Room: Salon E
Session Chair:
Anthony Finkelstein

  GoalDebug: A Spreadsheet Debugger for End Users
R. Abraham, M. Erwig
Supporting Generic Sketching Based Input of Diagrams in a Domain-specific Visual Language Meta-tool
J. Grundy, J. Hosking
A Technique for Enabling and Supporting Debugging of Field Failures
J. Clause, A. Orso
Fixing Inconsistencies in UML Design Models
A. Egyed
POLUS: A POwerful Live Updating System
H. Chen, J. Yu, R. Chen, B. Zang, P.C. Yew
The Factory Pattern in API Design: A Usability Evaluation
B. Ellis, J. Stylos, B. Myers

Friday May 25


Program Analysis III
Salon F
Session Chair:
Matt Dwyer

Human Aspects in Software Development
Salon E
Session Chair:
Kumiyo Nakakoji


Overview and Evaluation of Constraint Validation Approaches in Java
L. Froihofer, G. Glos, J. Osrael, K. Goeschka

Information Needs in Collocated Software Development Teams
A. Ko, R. DeLine, G. Venolia

Ownership and Immutability Inference for UML-Based Object Access Control
Y. Liu, A. Milanova

The Social Dynamics of Pair Programming
J. Chong, T. Hurlbutt

Automatic Inference of Structural Changes for Matching Across Program Versions
M. Kim, D. Notkin, D. Grossman

Role Migration and Advancement Processes in OSSD Projects: A Comparative Case Study
C. Jensen, W. Scacchi


Design II
Salon G

Session Chair: Pankaj Jalote



 [FoSE Track Paper] Software Design and Architecture: The Once and Future Focus of Software Engineering
R. Taylor, A. van der Hoek

The Role of Experience and Ability in Comprehension Tasks supported by UML Stereotypes
F. Ricca, M. Di Penta, M. Torchiano, P. Tonella, M. Ceccato

Information Hiding and Visibility in Interface

G. T. Leavens, P. Müller


Testing II
Room: Salon F

Session Chair: Alex Orso

Refactoring & Reuse
Room: Salon E
Session Chair:
John Grundy

  Using GUI Run-Time State as Feedback to Generate Test Cases
X. Yuan, A. Memon
Refactoring-aware Configuration Management for Object-Oriented Programs
D. Dig, K. Manzoor, R. Johnson, T. Nguyen
Automated Generation of Context-Aware Tests
Z. Wang, S. Elbaum, D. Rosenblum
Refactoring for Parameterizing Java Classes
A. Kieżun, M. Ernst, F. Tip, R. Fuhrer
Hybrid Concolic Testing
R. Majumdar, K. Sen
Supporting the Investigation and Planning of Pragmatic Reuse Tasks
R. Holmes, R. Walker
04:00PM Security
Room: Salon F
Session Chair:
Jens Jahnke
Software Defects
Room: Salon E
Session Chair:
Victor Braberman
  Mining Security-Sensitive Operations in Legacy Code using Concept Analysis
V. Ganapathy, D. King, T. Jaeger, S. Jha
Predicting Faults from Cached History
S. Kim, T. Zimmermann, E. J. Whitehead Jr., A. Zeller
Managing Impacts of Security Protocol Changes in Service-Oriented Applications
H. Skogsrud, B. Benatallah, F. Casati, F. Toumani
Detection of Duplicate Defect Reports Using Natural Language Processing
P. Runeson, M. Alexandersson, O. Nyholm
When Role Models Have Flaws: Static Validation of Enterprise Security Policies
M. Pistoia, S. Fink, R. Flynn, E. Yahav