29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering® 20 - 26 May 2007

Software Engineering: The Legacy of Barry W. Boehm

A Full-Day Event to be held on Tuesday May 22, 2007 (9:00am-5:00pm followed by dinner)
In conjunction with ICSE 2007 May 2007, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Venue: Duluth Room

Symposium Honouring Barry Boehm

Many people have contributed to the establishment and growth of the field of Software Engineering. Not many people, however, have consistently made significant contributions over a 40-year time period and earned respect across academia, industry, and government audiences. Barry Boehm’s work has impacted Software Engineering tremendously, and he continues to be very active. However, Barry is approaching semi-retirement, and the purpose of this symposium is to highlight the legacy of Barry through the gathering of colleagues, friends, and members of the Software Engineering community.

At the symposium we will distribute a newly published book entitled Software Engineering: Barry W. Boehm’s Lifetime Contributions to Software Development, Management, and Research that contains reprints of Barry’s most significant papers, including some that were published over 30 years ago. The book brings together 42 of Barry’s papers and organizes them into nine topics with newly written summaries by nine of his colleagues. At the symposium these nine invited colleagues will deliver presentations that summarize Barry’s contributions, their impact on the research and practice of software engineering, and interactions with Barry on both professional and personal levels. The symposium will include time for general discussion, and it will be followed by a dinner. The symposium program will include invited presentations on the following areas of Barry’s work (which correspond to the book chapters), and Barry will give a “thoughts for the future” concluding presentation:

  • Introduction. Biography of Barry W. Boehm (Richard Selby)
  • Session 1. Software Architecture and Quality (Larry Bernstein)
  • Session 2. Software Economics (Richard Selby)
  • Session 3. Software Tools (Art Pyster)
  • Session 4. Software Process: Early Spiral Model (Walker Royce)
  • Session 5. Software Risk Management (Tom DeMarco)
  • Session 6. Software Process: Emerging Extensions (Lee Osterweil)
  • Session 7. Software and Systems Management (Fred Brooks)
  • Session 8. Software Engineering State-of-the-Art/Practice (Vic Basili)
  • Session 9. Value-Based Software Engineering (Kevin Sullivan)
  • Session 10. Thoughts for the Future (Barry Boehm)

Symposium Book, Dinner, and Registration

The symposium will be open to anyone who wants to attend, and each attendee will receive a copy of the book. The program will consist of invited speakers. Attendees may contribute to the discussions but will not be expected to make presentations or submit abstracts. The cost of the book and dinner will be included in the symposium registration fee. Registration for this symposium will be handled through the ICSE registration process under the ICSE co-located events.

Symposium Organizer

Richard Selby, Northrop Grumman Space Technology, One Space Park Drive, Bldg R4/2011, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, 310-813-5570, Rick.Selby@NGC.com