29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering® 20 - 26 May 2007

Experience Reports


The objective of the Experience Track is to discuss results (both good and bad), obstacles, and lessons learned associated with applying software development practices in the "real world". Experiences from practitioners provide valuable input into future research directions and allow others to learn from successes and failures. Experience reports are an important means to share lessons learned between practitioners and to help the IT industry to improve their work practices.


Submissions are solicited which discuss lessons learned and experiences of benefit and limitations of SE approaches. We invite original, unpublished submissions in the following categories:

  • Case studies of practices describe the application of one or more software engineering practice(s) in an industrial or organizational setting. A case study provides a detailed description of how the practice was applied and why (what problems it was intended to address), along with the results achieved.
  • Experience reports of projects provide a critical discussion of experiences gained in software development projects. A good experience report describes the project context and what was learned by the team. It should clearly highlight what others can gain from reading the paper. Experience reports may focus on problems encountered during development along with discussions of what principles, techniques, methods, processes, or tools were used and whether they were sufficient for solving the problem.


We are soliciting experience reports on all topics relevant for software development practitioners including (but not limited to):

  • Agile methods
  • Empirical software engineering and metrics
  • Human and social issues
  • Interaction design and software development
  • Project management
  • Requirements engineering
  • Reverse engineering and software maintenance
  • Software architectures and design
  • Software components and reuse
  • Software economics
  • Software engineering education
  • Software policy and ethics
  • Software process improvement
  • Software processes
  • Software safety and reliability
  • Software testing and analysis
  • Software tools and development environments
  • other topics of interest for software development