29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering® 20 - 26 May 2007

ICSE 2007 Speaker and Session Chair Guidelines

High-quality presentations are essential for the success of ICSE. To help you plan your presentation for ICSE 2007, we have provided, in this document, important information about the audiovisual equipment that will be available in the meeting rooms, along with guidelines to help you prepare and deliver your presentation. Please read this information carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Your presentation will be held in one of the meeting rooms of the Hilton Minneapolis. The meeting rooms vary in capacity from 25 to 800 people. Meeting rooms will be equipped with the following presentation equipment:

  • one screen
  • one electronic data projector
  • (for sufficiently large rooms) one portable clip-on microphone

For tutorials, workshops and symposia before and after the technical program, the tutorial, workshop and symposia attendees are expected to bring their own laptop computers for projection purposes for all presentations in their workshop, tutorial or symposium. ICSE will provide one data projector per meeting room which can be connected to these laptops.

For all conference presentation tracks on Wed, Thu and Fri of ICSE 2007, you will need to provide your own laptop. Also, we will have a few laptops available in case of catastrophe, so we recommend that you bring a copy of your presentation on CD or memory stick in case of system problems.

Even though computer projection is provided, you need to ensure that your presentation will work properly on the provided equipment.

We strongly suggest you try out your presentation on the provided equipment in advance, with sufficient time to correct problems that occur. On Tuesday evening and all day on Wed, Thu, and Fri, you can try out your presentation in the speakers' ready room. This room (Board Room 3) contains the same projection equipment you will find in the actual meeting rooms. There will be no time extensions for your talk if you encounter technical difficulties.


Each session has a session chair, who will coordinate your session and introduce you. Check the ICSE 2007 program for the name of your session chair.

Make sure you:

  1. meet your session chair before your session so he/she will know who you are (the Speaker's Breakfast is a good opportunity, on the main conference days)
  2. meet your session chair at least 15 minutes before the beginning of your session.

For the Wed, Thu, and Fri sessions, you must be present throughout the session in which your presentation occurs.


Here are some helpful hints for both the preparation and delivery of your high-quality talk:

  • The ICSE audience draws participants from a wide variety of areas, both from academia and industry. Make sure that your talk includes enough background material and motivation so that it can be understood by those who are not specialists in your area.
  • Check the conference web site for the time allotted for your talk. Most ICSE 2007 presentations are allotted 30 minutes (25 minutes for talk, 5 minutes for questions). Special talks, such as keynotes, are allotted more time.
  • It is critical that you present your talk and answer questions in the time allotted to you. If your time slot is 30 minutes, then your presentation should be 25 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. Your session chair will manage the talks in the session and keep speakers on track. It is important to have some time at the end of your talk for questions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to your presentations at ICSE 2007.