29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering® 20 - 26 May 2007

Pre- & Post- Events

Schedule: all Morning Tutorials will run 9:00AM-12:30PM. All Afternoon Tutorials will run 2:00PM-5.30PM. Workshops and Full-Day Tutorials will run from 9:00AM until 12:30PM, and from 2:00PM until 5:30PM, with a lunch break between 12:30PM and 2:00PM

Sat May 19

Sun May 20

Monday May 21

Tue May 22



Sat May 26

Sun May 27

(W1) Mining Software Repositories (MSR)

(W12) Aerospace SE (AeroSE)

(W22) SE for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS)

(W2) SHAring and Reusing architectural Knowledge (SHARK/ADI)

(W10) Systems Development in SOA (SDSOA)

(W17) Assessment of Contemporary Modularization Techniques (ACoM)

(W18) SE for Automotive Systems (SEAS)



(W3) SE for Secure Systems (SESS)

(W7) Early Aspects (EA)

(W13) Realising Evidence-Based SE (REBSE)

(W19) SE for High Performance Computing Applications (SE-HPC)


(W4) Modeling in SE (MiSE)

(W11) Emerging Trends in FLOSS (FLOSS)

(W14) Dynamic Analysis (WODA)

(W20) SE for Pervasive Computing (SEPCASE)


(W5) Predictor Models in SE (PROMISE)

(W9) Software Quality (WoSQ)

(W15) Software Technologies for Ultra-Large-Scale Systems (ULS)

(W21) Automation of Software Test (AST)

(W6) Economics of Software and Computation (ESC)

(W8) Scenarios and State Machines (SCESM)

(W16) Incorporating COTS Software into Software Systems (IWICSS)


(F1)Evaluating Dependability Attributes of Component-Based Specifications

(F2) Get Your Experience Factory Ready for the Next Decade

(F4)Migration of Legacy Assets to Service- Oriented Architecture Environments

(F7)Aspect-Oriented Design in Java/AspectJ and Ruby

(H1) Requirements Engineering So Things Don't Get Ugly

(H3)Empirical Methods in SE Research

(F3)Engineering Safety and Security Related Requirements for Software Intensive


(F5)Agile Methods: Crossing the Chasm

(F8)Variability Management in Software Product Line Engineering

(H2)Testing Concurrent Java Components

(H4)Lean Software Development

(H5)Architecture Knowledge Management

(H6)Mining Software Engineering Data

(F6)Cost-Benefit Analysis of Software Development Techniques and Practices

(F9) Engineering Medical Information Systems



(H7)Languages for Safety- Critical Software

(H8)Developing Secure Embedded Systems


International Conference on Software Process

New SE Faculty Symposium

The Legacy of Barry W. Boehm



Doctoral Symposium


Color Coding






Co-located Events