29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering® 20 - 26 May 2007

Education Papers


Tim Lethbridge, University of Ottawa, Canada,
Andre van der Hoek, University of California Irvine, USA,
Session Chair: Andreas Zeller Time: Wednesday May 23 @ 02:30PM Venue: Marquette/Lasalle
A Constructivist Approach to Teaching Software Processes
Jayakanth Srinivasan, Kristina Lundqvist
Using Experiments in Software Engineering as an Auxiliary Tool for Teaching – A Qualitative Evaluation from the Perspective of Students’ Learning Process
Miroslaw Staron
On the Impact of a Collaborative Pedagogy on African American Millennial Students in Software Engineering
Laurie Williams, Lucas Layman, Kelli M. Slaten, Sarah B. Berenson, Carolyn Seaman

Curricula & Course Design I
Session Chair: Claudia Werner Time: Wednesday May 23 @ 04:30PM Venue: Marquette/Lasalle
Bug Hunt: Making Early Software Testing Lessons Engaging and Affordable
Sebastian Elbaum, Suzette Person, Jon Dokulil, Matt Jorde
Good practices for Educational Software Engineering Projects
Louwarnoud van der Duim, Jesper Andersson, Marco Sinnema
Top SE: Educating Superarchitects Who Can Apply Software Engineering Tools to Practical Development in Japan
Shinichi Honiden, Yasuyuki Tahara, Nobukazu Yoshioka, Kenji Taguchi, Hironori Washizaki

Evaluation [Short Papers Session]
Session Chair: David Budgen Time: Friday May 25 @ 11:00AM Venue: Rochester
A Leveled Examination of Test-Driven Development Acceptance
David S. Janzen, Hossein Saiedian
Using Soloman-Felder Learning Style Index to Evaluate Pedagogical Resources for Introductory Programming Classes
Imran A. Zualkernan
Design and Evaluation of a Diagrammatic Notation to Aid in the Understanding of Concurrency Concepts
Shaohua Xie, Eileen Kraemer, R.E.K. Stirewalt

Curricula & Course Design II [Short Papers Session]
Session Chair: Andre van der Hoek Time: Friday May 25 @ 02:00PM Venue: Marquette/Lasalle
Creating a Computer Security Curriculum in a Software Engineering Program
Bradley S. Rubin, Bhabani S. Misra
Introducing Accessibility Requirements Through External Stakeholder Utilization in an Undergraduate Requirements Engineering Course
Stephanie Ludi
Bringing the Systems Analysis and Design Course into 21st Century: A Case Study in Implementing Modern Software Engineering Principles Christopher G. Jones
A Template for Real World Team Projects for Highly Populated Software Engineering Classes
Burak Turhan, Ayşe Bener